Unadvertised disabled access to London tubes

Amersham Lifts, but not on Oyster app maps. Huge local council disabled parking nearby. Seems free, but nothing to say so. Nearest exit to tube is two steps. Narrow walkway by pavement at opposite side. Drive out is a very tight turn.
Euston Square Lifts only westbound - take second front carriage. Eastbound go to Kings Cross (second last carriage). Cross at same level to westbound Metropolitan (second front carriage) for Euston Square.
Harrow-on-the-Hill Lifts, but not on Oyster app maps.
Liverpool Street Lifts eastbound. Travel in second front carriage. Take ramp to the left of steps and turn right.
Westbound go from Liverpool Street tube or the Louvre-like Elizabeth Line entrance nearby. Go to the westbound Elizabeth Line platform and follow signs (and lifts) for Metropolitan westbound. This is Moorgate station!